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Melvin Seals and JGB at Humbrews 420 weekend

Melvin Seals and JGB at Ventura County Fairgrounds on 04/08/18

Melvin Seals and JGB at Winstons Beach Club on 04/06/18

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  • Couch tour alert! Were LIVE from rocknrollresort right now Hop
  • TODAY at 2pm EST wcbe905fm Presents Melvin Seals  JGB
  • We had a blast thank YOU Cohoes!! Setlist 32318 Lay
  • What an amazing night in Charlotte! Thanks to our friend
  • rp zachnugent  It wasnt the actual Wall Of Sound
  • This tour bus is comin your way Indianapolis! Meet us
  • Great photo at one of the best festivals around! rp
  • Never miss a Sunday show Thank you Grand Rapids! Setlist
  •  rp zachnugent  I cant express what last night
  • Check it out!! Original JGB vocalists Jackie LaBranch and Gloria
  • San Diego!! Were looking forward to getting back to sunny


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